Yorkie Training, Chihuahua Training, and Toy Poodle Training

Do you want to make sure your tiny, four-legged friend has good manners? See how each of our programs can be modified to meet your needs!

For those owners wanting to add a toy breed to their family, often times the adorable Yorkshire Terrier, Chihuahua, or Toy Poodle are the breeds of choice. Of course each breed is very different, not to mention each individual dog, but we tend to see common goals across their owners as well as similar problem behavior(s).

Beyond the Dog, makes it our duty to ensure that the tiny four-legged friend is a well mannered addition to the family. We begin with a structured housebreaking program to ensure a housebroken dog for years to come. Beyond the Dog also focusses on early socialization so that excessive barking doesn’t become a problem. And like their larger cousins, Yorkies, Chihuahuas, and Toy Poodles can be awesome at high level dog obedience! We particularly like to teach these tinies to go to a dog bed when asked or a set of stairs when guests enter the home. Lastly, Beyond the Dog likes to help reduce touch sensitivity and takes steps to prevent any possible resource guarding when sitting proudly on their owner’s lap or piece of furniture.

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