Rottweiler Training

Do you need help harnessing the incredible drive of your Rottweiler? Beyond the Dog can modify each of its training programs to maximize the benefits of this powerful breed!

Rottweilers are a gorgeous breed for those looking for a powerful, “tough” breed. Beyond the Dog caters each of its programs to any Rottweiler enrolled in training, highlighting their strengths and preventing future problem behavior.

It’s important that Rottweilers be properly socialized as puppies so much of our early puppy training revolves around socialization. This strong breed is physically resilient so it’s important for us to work on self control related behaviors and being calm in certain situations. Beyond the Dog adds resource guarding prevention to early Rottweiler puppy training. Of course dog obedience is crucial for Rottweilers and Beyond the Dog feels it is important to get this intelligent, driven breed to perform obedience using a tennis ball as a reward.

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