German Shepherd Training

Check out how Beyond the Dog can help you unleash your German Shepherd’s true potential! Our programs can help you reach your training goals with this intelligent breed.

For those that love the breed, German Shepherds can’t be beat! This high energy breed can be a great addition to a family. Beyond the Dog has the ability to adjust each of its programs to best suit the German Shepherd as a breed as well as each individual dog.

Beyond the Dog focuses on heavy socialization with German Shepherd puppy training. It’s important that this protective breed be heavily socialized around guests and other animals to prevent reactivity in an adult dog. We also focus on doorbell manners, teaching dogs to go to a set of stairs and then sit calmly for attention once told. Of course any German Shepherd puppy or adult dog benefits greatly from high level obedience. Our long-term training goal is to have this intelligent breed perform high level obedience with a toy as a reward and to be confident around guests and other animals.

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