English Bulldog Training and French Bulldog Training

Do you want your English Bulldog or French Bulldog to keep their same hilarious nature and reach their training potential! We can help you reach your goals while ensuring your bully’s large personality continues to shine!

For an owner that wants a constant laugh, an English Bulldog or French Bulldog might be a great choice! Believe it or not, these often deemed “lazy” breeds benefit from our puppy training and dog training programs. Of course Beyond the Dog recognizes the difference across breeds and each individual, but often the obedience goals and problem behaviors are quite similar.

One problem behavior that can be an issue is house soiling and even crate soiling. Beyond the Dog focusses on housebreaking at an early age to establish proper elimination right off the bat. Socialization is key for English Bulldog puppies and French Bulldog puppies to prevent reactivity as an adult. We also focus on appropriate toy play and address inappropriate chewing. Those laid back jowls can be a powerful opponent against a couch or pillow after all! Dog obedience is certainly important with the powerful little breed(s) as well. Often physical, it’s important that they learn to remain calm in certain situations and know appropriate ways to greet guests and other animals, particularly smaller ones.

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