Boxer Training & Doberman Training

Maximize the benefits of training with these fun-loving breeds by allowing Beyond the Dog to cater one of their many programs to you and your four-legged friend!

Boxers and Dobermans make great, family friendly dogs. Although different, the exuberant dogs have similar behavioral traits. During each of our programs, we take each breed’s current behavior, behavioral tendencies, as well as each owner’s goals under consideration.

Like most breeds, socialization is important early on in puppy training. For Boxers in particular it’s important that each dog learns appropriate items to chew on as well as what is inappropriate to chew on. Again, for Boxers, early crate training or confinement training is important as they get older can become stressed in confinement. Both Boxers and Doberman Pinschers are mostly socially appropriate breeds, as such it’s important to Beyond the Dog that each dog learn how to calmly greet guests as well as other animals. High level dog obedience is also important for these high energy breeds. It’s our goal that each dog heels and comes when called off leash, making it much easier for owners to get them the exercise they need.

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