Australian Shepherd Training

Would you like help with your energetic and intelligent Australian Shepherd? We cater each of our programs to the needs of your lively, four-legged friend!

Australian Shepherds can make a great addition to an active family, couple, or single person. When working with aussies, Beyond the Dog makes the best use of our time to maximize the benefit of training for this intelligent breed.

For this high energy, herding breed socialization is key. It’s important that they are friendly and confident so that as they mature getting them exercise is more convenient. For mini aussies, we focus on preventing excessive barking. It’s also important for Australian Shepherds to learn not to play bite on small children as puppies and what is appropriate for them to have in their mouths. Our long-term goal for aussies is to have them off leash with reliable, high-level dog obedience. Lastly, building interest in frisbee, fetch, or the like helps make burning off extra energy a breeze.

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