Houston Puppy and Dog Training

Not only do Beyond the Dog’s trainers have some of the top credentials in the country, we have nearly 15 years of experience designing and further modifying our dog training programs. Our process increases effectiveness and efficiency which benefits each client and their respective dog. We offer a variety of programs, each designed to target specific behaviors and each client’s dog training goals.

Houston Kitten & Cat Training

Beyond the Dog has spent nearly 15 years perfecting our cat training programs. Along with our credentials and education, we have years of hands on experience. Beyond the Dog offers a variety of programs catering to your feline friend. Our programs have been modified and tested to ensure we are making the most out of your cat training experience.

Houston Small Pet and Rabbit Training

With our trainers’ educations and backgrounds, Beyond the Dog has a comprehensive understanding of animal behavior and how it relates to the environment as well as genetics. This understanding has allowed us to offer services to not only dog and cat owners, but any owner with a furry or feathered family member. In addition, each trainer has worked with a variety of species, furthering our knowledge as a team. We offer training programs for pot-bellied pigs, birds, rabbits, ferrets, and beyond!

Houston dog training by breed

Beyond the Dog relies heavily on our understanding of the relationship between the environment and behavior. However, we also recognize and understand the biological and genetic differences across breeds of dogs. This knowledge and our experience allows us to use one of our dog training programs in a way to maximize the benefit for various breeds. We target behaviors that are most important for each breed and minimize the risk for potential problem behaviors from arising. We can further adjust the program to fit not only the needs of each breed, but also the needs of each individual dog.